How it Works

Deangelis Marketplace is a sales platform where the price of watches is set by users, who have the opportunity to make their bid and participate in a competition to win the desired watch.

Each watch has a starting price of 1.000,00€

All the watches present were carefully inspected, photographed and certified by the Deangelis team and highly qualified external experts.

By appointment, the watches can be viewed at the Deangelis Boutiques.

Participating in a Marketplace event is easy and free of charge: find out how.


Create an account by completing the registration process. After completing the procedure, you will receive an OTP code at the indicated phone number and a confirmation email to ensure that your account has been activated.

How to Participate

To participate in the bidding process and place your bid, you must register for the current event and click on 'Bid now' to bid a fixed increment above the highest bid at that time. Otherwise you can choose the 'Automatic bid' option by indicating the maximum price you are willing to bid. The system automatically makes a bid whenever higher bids are registered by other users until the indicated maximum price is reached.

If a user enters an offer in the two minutes before the deadline, the duration will automatically be extended by a further two minutes.

The competition is managed by an automated process that will announce the winner, who will receive a confirmation email. The finalisation of the sale will take place outside the platform.




The winner will be contacted by Deangelis staff, who will provide all the necessary details to complete the purchase. The accepted payment methods are: Bank transfer Credit card: Commission charges, equal to 2% of the sale price, will be borne by the user


You can choose to pick up your watch at one of our Concept Boutiques or have it shipped to the desired address.

All shipments will take place in total security and will be insured for a value equal to the sale price of the watch.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and will be quoted on the basis of specific requests.

Shipping costs are charged to the customer.

Our rates vary depending on the insured value and destination. For values exceeding 100,000.00 euros, the Shipping will be quoted at time of purchase.

 0 – 30K90€120€180€
 30 – 50K130€180€250€

Rating System

The timepieces on Marketplace have been carefully examined and rated by the Deangelis team of experts, taking into account aesthetics in relation to the age of the watch. For this reason, we have differentiated the assessment criteria between 'modern rating' and 'vintage rating'.

mA+Unworn, without any signs of use.
butApprears like brand new but showing very light signs of use.
mB+Mint but appears worn and used with very few superficial straches.
mBMore evident straches, still sharp edges and not over polished. Bracelet might have slight play.
mCMore signs of polish, light signs of wear on precious metal hallmarks. May presents some nicks that can be felt with a fingernail.
vA+New Old Stock, unworn
it goesSharp edges, al parts presented with no marks or signs.
vB+Shows slight signs of wear but still excellent. Light superficial scratches but otherwise full and thick case. Micro imperfections visible with a loupe.
vBSigns of slight polish, dial may have minor imperfections visible with naked eye.
vCEdges might be worn, case with signs of polish. Dial in good conditions but might presents some small visible imperfections. Bracelet could have slight play.


There are currently no commissions.

Every watch placed on 'Deangelis Marketplace' has been meticulously checked in every part. Deangelis guarantees the authenticity of every watch presented. In addition to the certification by Deangelis (for all Rolex watches) there will be expertise from internationally recognised experts in the field of collectible watches. In particular, with reference to all Rolex watches, the experts are Stefano Mazzariol and Carlo Pergola

Deangelis does not guarantee the proper functioning of the watches presented on the 'Marketplace' platform. Each advertisement shows an image depicting the graph of the watch's operation resulting from the chronocomparator. The measurement was made by positioning the watch with the crown downwards. This service is provided as a courtesy only and is indicative only.

After receiving an express request, the competent personnel will take note and send your timepiece to the watchmaker. The watchmaker will carry out a thorough analysis in order to define an estimate of the interventions and will prepare the estimate. Once the estimate is accepted, the maintenance service can begin. The Deangelis warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase. The guarantee covers any malfunction of the watch not caused by the owner's misconduct. The guarantee does not cover cosmetic damage. All repairs will be carried out in our specialised workshop. In order to be able to state whether the watch is working properly, it must be borne in mind that the running accuracy is a variable figure which also depends on the age of the watch. Any intervention by third parties will invalidate the guarantee. Deangelis does not guarantee that the watch is water-resistant.

Included in the sale price is insurance cover valid for 12 months without tacit renewal from 24 hours after the date of sale with LLOYD'S insurance company. Insured limit per claim: €30,000.00. The insurance policy covers material and direct damage resulting from: theft by snatching/grabbing with or without the use of violence; theft as a result of an accident, illness or injury; theft by violence or threat occurring at the insured party's usual place of residence and/or occasional dwelling and/or hotel; fire; accidental breakage. In the event of damage, the insured party will be reimbursed with a purchase-quota voucher equal to 90% of the value indicated on the insurance certificate (with a maximum of €27,000.00) and which can only be spent with the Policyholder (Deangelis). The policy is valid in Europe

It depends on the country to which the awarded watch is to be delivered. In general in case of delivery to an EU country, the award price is inclusive of VAT; in the case of delivery to a country outside the European Union, VAT and customs duties applicable in the country of destination must be added to the award price. These additional costs, which are impossible for us to calculate in advance, will be borne by you. In any case, more specific details can be found in the description of each individual watch.