The Distinctive Traits of Deangelis Marketplace


Transparency and trust are two core values for Deangelis.

In fact, the watches offered on our platform, in addition to having been selected, checked in every detail, inspected and certified by Maurizio De Angelis, will also be subject to inspection by two of the most authoritative experts on the international scene: Stefano Mazzariol and Carlo Pergola. 

For all Rolex watches, the expertise of one of the two experts will be included in the sale price and will be based on the photographic content that Deangelis will provide to the experts themselves.

Carlo Pergola

An enthusiast and admirer of vintage Rolex watches for over thirty years,
he has researched original materials from all over the world in order to gain an in-depth knowledge of the graphic style and construction techniques of Rolex watches, so as to become one of the most authoritative experts on the subject on the Italian scene. His daily study and time spent observing a multitude of specimens over the years have enabled him to develop an in-depth knowledge of the evolution of the counterfeiting of these timepieces.

He performs consultancy and authenticity appraisals for many luxury vintage watch dealers in Italy and abroad, as well as making his experience and expertise available via the web, in virtual spaces dedicated to collectors and enthusiasts.

He has written several literary works dedicated to Rolex timepieces, the best-known of which is 'Rolex Daytona: from Birth to Myth', produced in collaboration with Stefano Mazzariol and Giovanni Dosso: a sort of 'user's guide', usable by the expert collector as well as the curious neophyte, which recounts the chronological path and evolution of the Rolex Daytona.

Stefano Mazzariol

Antiquarian and dealer in vintage watches for more than 30 years.

His is a well-known name among vintage Rolex enthusiasts because, thanks to his consultancy and commissioned expertise, he has contributed to the creation of numerous private collections both in Italy and abroad.

His experience is the result of continuous research and study of the vintage watch - an object that, according to Stefano, should not only be looked at but carefully observed, because even the smallest detail can make its value soar or inexorably lower it.

He has co-authored numerous books such as 'Ultimate Rolex Daytona' and for several years was a pen-pusher for trade magazines such as 'Watch club' and 'Watch shop'. He is also co-author of the book 'Rolex Daytona: from Birth to Myth'. 

In recent years, he created, the most comprehensive website ever created on the world of vintage watches and the Rolex brand in particular.


Our aim is to give our customers the opportunity to wear their timepiece in total peace of mind. 


For this reason, all watches purchased via Deangelis Marketplace will include one year's insurance cover against damage and theft up to a maximum value of Euro 30,000.


In specific terms, the insurance cover is valid for 12 months without tacit renewal, starting 24 hours after the date of sale.

It is taken out with the insurance company LLOYD'S.

The insurance covers material and direct damage resulting from the following: theft by snatching and/or snatching with or without the use of violence; theft as a result of an accident, illness or injury; theft by violence or threat occurring at the insured person's usual place of residence and/or occasional dwelling and/or hotel; fire; accidental breakage.

In the event of damage, the customer will be compensated by means of a purchase-quota voucher amounting to 90% of the value stated on the insurance certificate (with a maximum of € 27,000.00) and expendable only at the Contractor (Deangelis). 

The insurance will only be activated after the purchase is finalised.