Conceived to mark time, celebrate events, and honor milestones, our watches safeguard a timeless value that blends with the iconic features of ageless beauty. In the watches we select, the passion for the past merges with the eternity of the present: the charm of an endless story, guaranteed by unrivaled quality. The power of perpetual emotion that starts from the eyes and reaches the heart.

Our Values


We love collectible watches; we are passionate about selecting them for their exclusivity and quality of preservation, passing down the stories they hold, and sharing the emotions they preserve.


We guarantee timepieces that strictly adhere to standards of quality and authenticity. Additionally, we offer our customers knowledge and assistance to carefully preserve their own watches.

Our Origins

The birth of the company, in 2014, is the result of the experience and professional evolution of its founder, Maurizio De Angelis, who approached the world of fine watchmaking driven by a particular passion for collectible and vintage timepieces generally. Maurizio loves watches, he studies their history, design and engineering, spending hours disassembling and reassembling them to fully understand and recognize them, down to the smallest detail.

Over the years, Maurizio's passion steadily grows and evolves into a highly satisfying entrepreneurial journey. He actively participates in the most prestigious industry fairs and important international auctions in Europe and beyond. Through these experiences, Maurizio further refines his expertise and builds relationships with prominent international collectors and specialized dealers from all around the globe.

In 2016, Maurizio decides to transform his individual endeavor into a specialized company focused on consulting and trading iconic collectible watches, with an additional online presence for promotion and sales. Then, in August 2020, the company marks its entry into the retail sector by opening the first Deangelis Concept Boutique in Forte dei Marmi.

In 2021, the first Deangelis watch is designed and created in a limited edition partnership with Locman for Alpemare, a renowned beach club owned by the Bocelli family in Forte dei Marmi. In June of the same year, the watch is unveiled during the inaugural auction organized by Deangelis in collaboration with the prestigious auction house, Antiquorum. This event sets a record for Italian auctions in terms of sales. During the auction, Maestro Andrea Bocelli generously donates his watch, which is then sold to the highest bidder with the proceeds being dedicated to charitable causes.

In June 2022, a second auction is held in partnership with Antiquorum, and it sets a new record by reaching 6.5 million euros in sales. In September of the same year, Deangelis opens its second boutique in the heart of Milan's fashion district, marking a significant milestone for the company. The company's growth trajectory continues to be on a steady upward trend.

In 2023, Deangelis doubled the size of its team, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to growth and innovation both online and in boutiques. With a targeted strategy, the company decided to focus its efforts on online expansion, recognizing the growing importance of the digital market. This vision came to fruition at the beginning of 2024 with the launch of the new Deangelis Marketplace platform. This innovative service offers enthusiasts the opportunity to compete and bid for watches at the desired price, revolutionizing the purchasing experience and making the selection of Deangelis watches even more accessible to a global audience.